High Voltage                 Ionizing Radiation

High Voltage and X-Ray Experiments

  Text and Graphics Copyright © 2005 − 2008 Henning Umland


The following descriptions are given for the purpose of information only. I do not encourage ANYBODY to conduct experiments like those displayed on this web site, and I do not assume liability for any damage resulting from such experiments. People working with high voltage and X-rays should have a solid background in physics and electronics and should know what they are doing. The high voltage sources described here are much more powerful than generators of static electricity like, e. g., influence machines or Van de Graaff generators. High voltage can kill instantly, X-rays in the long run (radiation sickness, cancer) if not handled properly.


This is something like a lab journal of various experiments I made with high voltage and X-rays. It is not complete yet (probably never will be), and I will restructure it or add new entries or photos at leasure. Although it is not intended to be a scientific tutorial, it may give an impression of the fascinating world of high-voltage physics, and I hope some people will find it useful.

Here are some of my projects:

1. High Voltage Components

2. First experiments

3. Building a 120 kV Power Supply

4. Building a 160 kV Power Supply

5. Building a Simple X-Ray Machine

6. Making Photographic X-Ray Images (I)

7. Making Photographic X-Ray Images (II)

7. Making Photographic X-Ray Images (III)

9. Experiments with Various Multiplier Designs (I)

10. Experiments with Various Multiplier Designs (II)

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